Successful programs and events require a significant time commitment to design, plan and implement. Additionally, they involve many stakeholders like event personnel, graphic designers and security, to name a few. At the Illini Union, we have the majority of the resources needed to host your next program or event.

the team spirit

Creating successful ventures brings people together who have common interests and offer invaluable experiences for the attendees. Because of this, we will need your full collaboration for success.

scheduling a meeting

Whether you simply have an idea, or you made a thorough program proposal, we first want to meet with you and talk about your event or program.

At the meeting you will learn about:

  • Our full range of services
  • Necessary steps to secure co-sponsorship
  • Planning resources
  • Budgeting tips

Please schedule an appointment by filling out this form and we will contact you shortly.

If for any reason we can't proceed with your ideas or proposal, we will send you in the right direction of who can help you out.

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