We know you need to get connected. In this day and age, the Internet is never out of reach. It doesn't matter if you are grabbing a snack in the Food Court or are hitting the books hard, wireless Internet service is available throughout the entire Illini Union building.

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get plugged in

Wireless networks available include IllinoisNet and Public Wirless. IllinoisNet and UIUCNet require a NetID and password to access. Public Wireless can be accessed by any Illini Union patron.

Wired network connections are available in most Illini Union rooms. Before you are able to connect to the Internet via the Illini Union, you will need to enter these settings into your computer. You cannot use the numbers that you use for your place of business, even if it's another campus location. If you have used the Illini Union network previously, please check before using a previously assigned IP Address, as it might have been reassigned. If a DHCP connection is needed, prior arrangements need to be made with the Illini Union IT Department. 

wired Internet/Network Connection

If you need to access the Internet via a wired connection, an IP address to access the Internet or university network is assigned upon request. Please note that CAT5 is available in the larger Illini Union rooms, while a number of smaller meeting rooms provide CAT3 wired network connections only.

Non-University: $11.50 | University: $11.50 | RSO: $11.50

wireless internet connection

Wireless internet is available in all Illini Union locations. Wireless networks available include IllinoisNet and UIPublicWiFi. IllinoisNet requires a university NetID and password. A temporary NetID and password can be issued upon request.

network connection information

dns server

ip address

Contact Multimedia using the information listed at the right of the page.


subnet mask


entering settings

To enter these settings in your computer, go to the network settings in the control panel and open the Properties dialogue box in Local Area Connection.

Connecting Your Computer

Please contact the Multimedia Department for the proper network connections, as some Illini Union rooms support CAT5 connections and some only support CAT3 connections.

Security Precautions

With the Microsoft operating system's vulnerability to computer viruses, make sure all current updates are applied to your computer. If your computer is, or becomes infected, while online, Campus Security will take it off-line until it is cleaned up.


If, after entering these settings into your computer, you have problems connecting to the Internet, contact the Illini Union Multimedia Department at 217.333.0891.

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