The Illini Union Bookstore Faculty Liaison Committee plays the important role of advising the Bookstore staff on aquiring titles and inventory that meet the best interests of the teaching, research and intellectual needs of the university community. It also facilitates communication between the academic community and the Bookstore.

Committee Members

Bonn, Maria Stella
                  Faculty | Library and Information Science

Grossman, Margaret R.
                  Faculty Emeritus | Agricultural and Consumer Education

Kraybill, Deborah
                  Staff | School of Literature, Cultures & Linguistics

Michelson, Bruce
                  Faculty Emeritus | English

Molina-Guzman, Isabel
                  Faculty | Media and Cinema Studies

Roux, Michael
                  Staff | University Press

Wilcox, Kristin
Faculty | English

Laith, Ibrahim
                  Student | Illini Union Bookstore

Price, Hannah
                  Student, Policy Chair | Illini Union Board 

Singson, Jamie
                  Ex-Officio | Director, Illini Union

Petrie, Tod A.
                  Ex-Officio | Director, Bookstore

Davis, Franne
                  Ex-Officio | Illini Union Bookstore Staff

Inman, Kristy
                  Ex-Officio | Illini Union Bookstore Staff

Scott, Alroy
                  Ex- Officio | Illini Union Bookstore Staff 

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