The Illinois Leadership Center is committed to developing and enhancing the leadership skills of all students through assessment, learning, and experiential opportunities. In addition, the Center supports faculty and staff who are pursuing leadership-related teaching, research, and student engagement activities.

Programs & Services

  • i-Programs: Highly experiential programs that focus on teaching a particular aspect of leadership practice. These programs are offered multiple times throughout the academic year focusing on topics like teamwork, integrity, self-knowledge, empathy, diversity advocacy, change management, innovation, etc.
  • Leadership Certificate Program: Designed to provide students a customized experience to help develop leadership skills in a way that integrates leadership education, reflection, and experience over multiple semesters. Each student is matched with a Leadership Coach during the program. The program culminates with the creation of a Leadership Portfolio that documents leadership growth.
  • Leadership Workshops: A variety of leadership development programs offered by request for the classroom, Registered Student Organizations (RSO’s), or other group settings. These workshops are between 60 and 90 minutes in length, are highly experiential, and are delivered by Illinois Leadership Center trained facilitators. Current workshops offered focus on the following topics: teamwork, communication skills, conflict management, motivation, strategic planning, and understanding your strengths.
  • Organizational Leadership Consulting: RSO leaders meet with a Leadership Education Specialist to review current organizational goals, opportunities, and challenges. After, the ILC creates & provides a customized plan for the RSO. This plan includes resources, activities, and suggestions aimed at improving the organization.
  • Cavenaugh Leadership Library: Contains over 1,000 books, assessments, and activities related to leadership.
  • Minor in Leadership Studies: Administered through the College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences, the Minor in Leadership Studies provides formal instructions in the theory and practice of leadership.

All programs & services are provided to Illinois Students at no additional cost to them. To sign up for a program, enroll in the Leadership Certificate Program, request a workshop or RSO consultation, or simply learn more about these resources, visit

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